One of the fastest growing trends in the consumer market, home automation has transitioned from something many viewed as a trend of the future, or only for the wealthy, to something that is present in many middle class homes. The number of homes with an Alexa device, or a smart thermostat has grown at a rapid pace. Acquity Group predicts that in the next five years sevemty percent of homes will have a connected thermostat, and sixty percent of homes will have smart security systems. The future is here, and as a security professional it is important to take advantage of this growing trend.


Many home automation systems also function as a home security system, or conversely, many security systems now have home automation capabilities. The industry is becoming more and more integrated now that home automation has become mainstream, and many security system manufacturers recognize the opportunity, and the necessity to embrace home automation as a part of their business. Products like the M1 from ELK Products are a great example of this. The M1 offers home security with encrypted two-way wireless, or hardwired for those that prefer it, as well as home automation features, including integration with many of the most popular home automation systems on the market.


The integration of home automation and security makes both more accessible to the consumer. Now a homeowner can lower utility bills utilizing lighting controls and smart thermostats, secure their home with intrusion security, protect against fire and CO, and control access to their home, all from one system and one phone app.


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Tony Fiske

Security Sales Associate at Alarm Systems Distributors